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Our Virtues as Imperfect Humans of Imperfect Humanity

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As human beings, we are born innocent and full of unconditional love and compassion, and that demonstrates that a human being needs neither religion nor culture to be a human being of love and ethics.

In fact all immoralities and evils are born out of hypocritical mere-males written and created religious and cultural doctrines.

Of pure evils, it is religion and culture that authorises a human being to dehumanize and kill another human being based on the difference of belief and  innate human characteristics.

All the greatest evils ever committed, and are being committed, are authorized by soulless and hypocritical hyena carnifex mere-males created religious and cultural doctrines. To name the most notorious religious and cultural authorized evils there is the Hitler Nazi Evils, the Crusade, and Rwanda Genocide.

Religion and culture teaches you not to be a good human being, instead it teaches your to be the most soulless, hypocritical and bloodthirsty human being.  
Our Innate  Sovereign Values/Virtues/Morals/Ethics
As Sovereign Humans we were born with unconditional love and compassion for all human beings.

Our unconditional love and compassion is rooted on that innate recognition, upholding and defending of the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity and life of every single individual human being on this very earth. This then means that we are innately forbidden to do anything that will harm the body, mind and soul of another human being. Among others,  this include any word or action that may harm the mind, body or soul another human being, and that governs our public, professional, family and in-love lives. Our values, virtues or ethics are rooted on it, and no religion or cultural teaching is involved.

What is that thing that forbids us from doing harm to the body, mind and soul of another human being? Without a doubt, it is our innate unconditional love and compassion, for it tears us down to the very core of our beings to see another human being suffer body, mind and soul. Thus any religious or cultural doctrines that gives another human being the authority to dehumanize and butcher another human being is evil and that god or ancestor who it is claimed issued those evil doctrines or commands is the epitome of evil and will get no respect from us. We don’t respect nor worship evil.

Furthermore, that sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolable of a human being humanity and life means that we don’t have any authority over another human being’s mind, body, and life. The only time we can intervene is when a human being does crime, and even then, we can’t take the life of that criminal no matter the gravity of the crime. Ours is to lock the offender up to life without parole.

All this is innate to us and need no religious or cultural doctrine. In fact, if you bring religion and tradition in it, then that unconditional love and compassion and the upholding and defending of the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and life is killed and replaced with religious and cultural hypocrisy, soullessness, and bloodthirstiness beyond measure.   

Science has proven beyond doubt that if there is god, he or she has no direct hand in the evolution of humanity and life on earth and it is Mother Universe who is responsible for the evolution of life on earth through the processes of star birth and death. Religious and cultural hyena carnifex torquemadas forever hypocritical; soulless and bloodthirsty refuse to accept the proofs that scientist have gathered on this issue for if they accept those evidences, then they will have no justification for their holy and cultural evils whereby it is holy to dehumanize, hunt and butcher those who are not like them or believe not in their religious and cultural evils of human hunting and butchering.

It is a sad fact that to religious and cultural hyena carnifex torquemada humanity,  unconditional love and compassion, and the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of every human being’s  humanity and life is an abomination of abominations for they feed their souls(if they have any) from the misery, pain, blood and souls of their human sacrificial lambs victims. Furthermore they derive their reason of being and happiness from the misery, pain and death of their victims.  They are the epitome of evil and hell on earth and they are mighty proud of it.
To us Sovereign Humanity, life starts when the zygote is formed and because to us life is sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable, no one has the right to either terminate its growth or take it, even the god(s) and ancestors of soulless religious humanity don’t have that authority, for life on earth came to be because of Mother Universe created evolutionary processes.

Of the Evolutionary Processes, scientist have produced scientific instrument measurable and verifiable proofs of them and the religious & cultural hyenas refused to accept them, for on their human victims misery, pain, blood and souls they must with glee religiously and culturally feast.

However because a human’s life and body is sovereign, sacrosanct and inviolable, we are faced with a quandary for we can’t force that woman not to terminate that growing life, for she will say this us; “ this is my body, if you want the life inside, then you can cut me open, remove it and plant it in your  bodies” , and that is impossible.

Thus our solution that uphold both the sovereignty, sacrosanctity, and inviolability of the mother and the baby’s humanity and life is for the state to establish programs that will discourage unplanned pregnancies, and when that unplanned pregnancy occurs, offer financial pregnancy termination prevention care, rewarding the mother for keeping the baby until birth, then fostering the baby after birth or putting the innocent life in state care.

The religious and cultural torquemadas don’t really care about those lives of innocent babies, what they real want is for the babies to grow-up so as to increase the pool of their religious and cultural human sacrificial lambs, to be offered to their god and ancestors as human sacrifices of the blood and soul, with the hyenas themselves feasting on their butchered human victims misery, pain, blood and souls.

Of their human sacrificial lambs we shall say not who they are , but the hyenas having claimed prescience can infer.

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