Evolution - Libertas Humanum®: In Servitude to Humanity, Awakening the Awareness for Humanity must Evolve™

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The evolution of the Media Group Liberty of Humanity begins from an e-journal, to broadband video and audio channels to triple-dual language(English and Sotho-Zulu)cable networks. Although the journal suite will be printed on demand, from idea conception it was never about print media.

On full but continuous evolution, both the TV( cable and broadband) and audio channels will deliver the entire Well of the Comitia of Humanity’s Liberty programming menu which among others include the Contio, the Rostrum, the Black Republican, The Inquisitor, The Chastiser, the Forum Carnifex Humanum, the High-Diplomat, The Accounting, Lex-Review, The Legacy, The Steward, the Lustrum, and the ELT.

We who have attained dual-view spiritual freedom are sovereign and possess a mind and soul (as one) that is continuous in its evolution. Innately, we are spiritual beings of unconditional love and compassion, upholding and defending( against humanity’s laws, religions and traditions which are of hypocrisy, malice, cruelty, and the hunting and butchering of human beings) the sacrosanctity and inviolability of a human being’s humanity. As spiritual beings, God is in us, for to us heaven is here and now.

As things stand, laws, religions (Jewish, Islamic, and Christianity) and traditions of humanity don’t teach unconditional love and compassion nor uphold and defend the sovereignty, sacrosanctity and inviolability of the humanity and life of every single human being on this very earth, but rather teach and enforce religious (Jewish, Islamic and Christianity) tyranny, hypocrisy, malice, cruelty and the hunting and butchering of those who are not like them or believe not in their hypocritical holy evils dressed as holy commandments.
Thus, our purpose is to create a Universe of Humanity's Liberty that is One of a Kind, for the Purposeful Awakening of the Awareness, for the Attainment of Dual-View Spiritual Freedom.

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