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“Radicals (soulless and self righteous religious and cultural hyena, carnifex torquemadas) are only to be feared when you try to suppress them. You must demonstrate that you will use the best of what they offer.”-
You are either a Hyena Carnifex (butcher) Torquemada or you are not
It must be understood that there is no such thing as a conservative , radical, liberal, or a neo-liberal, for a Hyena Torquemada Butcher is found everywhere. Thus if you believe in and enforce human invented religious and cultural doctrines that say those who are not like you, or believe not in your beliefs are lesser or no human thus must be jailed or hunted and butchered for you and your ancestors and your god(s)pleasure, then a soulless hyena butcher Torquemada you are.

In simple terms, you are either a soulless human invented religious and cultural Hyena Carnifex Torquemada or you are not.

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